What is MotoGP?

MotoGP is the most demanding and exciting arena in world championship motorsport and never in the 53 – year history of Grand Prix Motorcycle racing has the worldwide interest level been higher.

The 16 round MotoGP World Championship visits five continents and last year attracted nearly 1.5million spectators while providing television images to over 200 countries from each Grand Prix.

A change of regulations in the new MotoGP championship has attracted all the major manufacturers and sporting superstars while the 125cc and 250cc World Championships provide both superb racing and a breeding ground for future MotoGP stars.

A Grand Prix motorcycle race is an explosive 45-minute mix of drama, adrenalin and noise played out in front of a massive audience and worldwide television viewers. Three-world championship races 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP, are stages at each grand prix giving spectators viewers and sponsors real value for money.

The future is bright. More manufacturers are joining the fray, building technically innovative machinery for the very best riders in the world to display their considerable skill and bravery out on the track. New venues are being explored to give spectators the chance to witness the sheer excitement that a MotoGP event can generate.

The constant up grading of new technology has provided stunning instant images throughout the world by television and Internet.

It’s a vibrant expanding scene that has understood and matched modern day demands but never lost its sheer passion for competition between the very best in the world.

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