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World Championship Motorsports (WCM) is an independent, privately owned business, which was formed in 1992. The company specialises in Motorcycle Racing at its most elite level, and has earned a reputation as the top independent racing team in the World Motorcycling Championship.

The directors of the Company, Bob MacLean and Peter Clifford share a common passion for motorcycling and each bring to the WCM partnership uniquely different skills and knowledge.

The business of WCM is managed by Peter Clifford. His expertise in mechanical engineering is coupled with his years of experience as a journalist with the worlds leading technical journals. That is complimented by Bob Maclean’s astute business skills and venture capital successes.

Under the guidance of this British/American duo, WCM has grown over its ten year history from a small independent team of 5 people to a full factory-backed racing force with a 25 member team. The WCM Team was initially based in Anemasse, France, but was relocated to Austria to meet the needs of it's business investors. WCM has now recently relocated it's Team headquarters to Belgium.

WCM has equity in the World Championship – the MotoGP, and as such, own one of the rare entry positions on the Moto GP grid.

In 2002, WCM entered into a partnership arrangement for five years with the MotoGP organising body, DORNA. This entitled WCM the exclusive right to field 2 riders in the Moto GP World Championship. Only 5 such independent partnerships exist.

WCM is committed to the success of the MotoGP and as such has been an integral part of the worldwide growth of the motorcycling industry.

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