At track Spectators


Male/Female Spectators at Track

Of the 1.6 million fans to attend the Moto GP races of 2002, a massive 76% were male.

Spectator Numbers

The MotoGP is viewed by millions of people throughout the globe on Television, but the Grand Prixs also attract many hundreds of thousands of spectatators to the 16 races throughout the season.

The MotoGP World Championship registered an average of over 100,000 onsite spectators per Grand Prix in 2002 which saw a total of 1 698 312 fans attend the 16 rounds of the Season a 10% increase over the 2001 Season.

  • 76% of all at track spectators are male
  • Total of fans attending the GP's in 2002, 1 698 312
  • An Average of over 100 000 per GP

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