ROC Yamaha WCM 1992 – 1997

In 1992 Yamaha made it possible for independent teams like WCM to purchase a V- four engine. The result was the ROC–Yamaha, the machine that became synonymous with WCM over the next 5 years. Peter Goddard, Niall Mackenzie, Andrew Stroud, Neil Hodgson, James Haydon and Chris Taylor all rode the ROC.

The results established WCM as the leading independent team. There remained the frustration that the full factor teams had superior technology. Though they could be beaten it was not possible to do it regularly enough to feature strongly in the championship struggle. Niall Mackenzie's third place in the British Grand Prix in 1993 was the only time any of the independent team riders got on the rostrum during this period.

Consistently proving to be the best non factory team made WCM the obvious choice when Yamaha needed a new partner to run a factor team for them in 1997. This became was the multi-GP winning Team known as Red Bull Yamaha WCM.

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