Team History

World Championship Motorsports (WCM) was formed with a partnership between American racing enthusiast Bob MacLean and the British born engineer and journalist, Peter Clifford.

The partnership began in 1992 when Yamaha made it possible for independent teams like WCM to purchase a V- four engine. With little money and big ambition Bob and Peters team lined up on the 500cc grid alongside some of the most powerful two-wheeled machinery ever made.

Peter Goddard was the first rider that WCM engaged and he rode the ROC –Yamaha, the machine that became synonmous with WCM over the next 5 years. The results were restricted by the fact that the factory efforts were backed by huge budgets and the manufacturer’s full development efforts and some years WCM were not in the limelight.

Niall Mackenzie, Andrew Stroud, Neil Hodgson, James Haydon and Chris Taylor all rode the ROC-Yamaha but it was in 1997 that fortunes were to change and WCM were given an opportunity to compete and beat the big factory teams. This was WCM’s progression into the Red Bull Yamaha multi – grand Prix winning team.

After six tremendously successful years Red Bull departed at the end of the 2002 season. That coincided with the need to build four stroke machinery for the new MotoGP regulations.

WCM responded by becoming not only a Grand Prix race team but also a manufacturer of MotoGP machinery with an in line four cylinder 990cc WCM engine mounted in a Harris frame. It is that machine that the team has campaigned in 2003 and 2004.

Harris WCM 2003-2004

Red Bull Yamaha WCM 1997-2002

Roc Yamaha WCM 1992 – 1997

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