WCM Engineering

WCM engineering offers 20 years of experience to our partners. Much of the last 14 years has been committed to Grand Prix racing, one of the toughest tests of engineering in the World.

During that time WCM Engineering has gained a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of engineering spheres.

WCM Engineering's airflow analysis

Computer Aided Design - WCM has specialists in SolidWorks and can create original designs or reverse engineer from existing designs. We have a good deal of experience in reverse engineering existing designs and then making modifications and improvements.

Wax crankcase positive, 4-valve cylinder head and bare casting for WCM MotoGP engine.

Optimisation - From CAD models we can optimise the design, performing stress analysis where necessary and applying our production engineering expertise to create a design that is cost effective to produce and will performing the market place.

WCM Engineering's air pressure analysis

Prototype manufacture, testing and development - WCM can produce prototypes of almost any design and in almost any material. Prototypes can be generated either from CAD models, 2D engineering drawings or from other prototypes and manufactured components.

Ongoing development - WCM has the capability to perform ongoing development in such areas as fluid flow analysis, aerodynamic studies by computer, wind tunnel and in the real real world. Design changes can be made to give ever more modern look with the minimum of disruption and cost impact to manufacture and production.

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